Porticello  bay

Porticello bay is lined by pumice quarries and workshops, all are now abandoned. Waste resulting from the extraction and working of the stone accumulates naturally in mounds of fine white sand along the shore. The beach of the bay it is a lovely gray-dark beach with sand, gravel and pebbles mixed with white pumice of different sizes round, while in the past the scraps of pumice stone formed a completely white sandy shore. On the left side of the sea it is possible to admire the caves of Campo Bianco, and on the right side, as a contrast to white colour of pumice, the shining black obsidian of Rocche Rosse. The sea around this spectacular beach is transparent, clear and assumes during the day all the various shades of turquoise. The bay Porticello is a must stop off while sailing around Lipari island, anchorages possible offshore in 5-10 m crystal clear turquoise waters. Really nice place to stay.