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Turkey Islands




The magic word in Greece is “islands”. Thousands of islands. Timeless islands where history takes us back through the centuries; islands firmly anchored in the present, in luxury and nightlife; far-flung islands offering nature and solitude; chaotic islands where you can get lost in the crowds. Islands that lie shoulder to shoulder in safe seas where new bays and new panoramas can be discovered day after day, along with the magic of ancient myths.

Nobody can claim to know the Mediterranean without having sailed through the meandering coasts of Greece, to the furthest limits of Western culture. The boundary line is Turkey, with its unique geographical position which has made it a crossroads between East and West, a melting pot of cultures nestled between the Aegean Sea, the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea. A cruise among these cliffs is an experience to be repeated, discovering a new piece of human history each time, as told by the sea itself.

Turkey Islands